Pasta Machine Buying Guide

Pasta Machine Buying Guide: How do I choose a good pasta maker?

Pasta Machine Buying Guide: How do I choose a good pasta maker? Fresh pasta beats dried pasta with horse lengths and can complete any dish. With a pasta machine, you can get homemade pasta without hours of hassle and preparation. In this pasta machine guide, we have chosen to focus on motorized pasta machines. With one, you can get homemade pasta almost completely without effort and in no time.

Pasta Machine Buying Guide – Is a Pasta Machine Really Needed?

Yes! If you like pasta, a pasta machine is a really good investment. Fresh homemade pasta can make a big difference and really save any pasta dish.

However, making homemade pasta without a pasta machine is anything but easy. It takes time and requires many complicated steps. With a pasta machine, you can make most types of pasta without much effort, especially if it is motor-driven.

Pasta Machine Buying Guide

Has Manual or Motor Driven?

There are mainly two types of pasta machines: manual and motorized, and they have both advantages and disadvantages.

The most classic variant is the manual one. It provides more control and has been used for many years by chefs around the world. They are cheaper than motorized and often last slightly longer than motorized. But they are cumbersome to use and have had to make room for the motorized machines.

The motorized pasta machines are the simplest and most flexible to use. You do not have to knead, fold and hold up the dough simultaneously as you crank. They are also quick to use and can give a really good result without hassle. However, they are more expensive than most manuals. Some are a combination of motorized and manual.

In this guide, we have chosen to focus on the motorized pasta machines as these are the ones most often recommended and used by experts. It is the motorized pasta machines that, in reality, can be used in everyday life and on the weekend and that is suitable for most homes.

Tips for the Best Pasta

Getting really good pasta is not an easy task and requires some effort before you get to it. Here are a few of our favorite pasta-related pointers.

1. The Dough

To begin with, good pasta is about the good dough. Classic pasta is often made from half durum wheat – which has stronger protein than many other wheat varieties – and half wheat flour. It gives an elastic to you. Eggs and water must be adapted to how the dough feels. Kneading is also important that it is done properly. It can then be good to let the dough rest for a while. After that, it is wise to let the dough rest for a while and roll out after rolling out. When running the dough in a pasta machine, it is best to divide the dough into smaller parts and run these separately through the machine.

If you’re feeling experimental, you can flavor the dough with herbs, saffron, octopus ink, or other delicacies.

2. The Accessories

We recommend that you buy some form of drying rack for the pasta after you have shaped it. It can also be a good idea to have some form of drying container or item to receive the pasta with when it comes out of the machine.

3. Marcato Atlas 150 engine

Marcato Atlas 150 is a very classic pasta machine that has been on the market for several years. This motorized variant simplifies working with pasta without compromising on taste and quality. It has an adjustable thickness and several rollers. It also comes with a crank, so you can choose to use it manually or motorized. The company was founded as early as 1930, and the products of the highest quality have since been manufactured in northern Italy.

4. Philips Avance collection HR2354

If you want to reduce the work with pasta as much as possible, this is a very good alternative. It may be expensive, but it’s worth it. Philips pasta machine is fully automatic and can make many different types of pasta. It also has a low noise level and is extremely easy to handle. It is the best electric pasta machine on the market right now.

5. Champion Pasta Maker CHPM310

If you want a fully automatic pasta machine but at a slightly lower price than the above alternative, this from Champion is a very good choice. It is a very affordable and good pasta machine that is user-friendly and fast. It comes in several forms and can provide good pasta in about a quarter of an hour.

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